Friday, January 14, 2005

Cross promotion

I can't say that I remember watching Live Aid, although I do have some hazy memory of seeing parts of the big 1985 benefit concert while being at a house where they had a trampoline. That very random--and frankly, not very interesting--story of Live Aid in my life surely wouldn't win me a free copy of the 4-DVD set at, but then again, I write for the site, which would make me ineligible. (Insert sarcastic comment by DVDMon impresario Levi regarding my inconsistent writing for the site, including that review of the TAKING LIVES DVD that I owe him.) You, dear reader, can certainly do better, so check it out.

Much to my disappointment, my writing dropped off over the last week. One major thing occupying my time was putting the finishing touches on my piece for the upcoming Robert Mulligan issue of The Film Journal. The new issue should be online in a couple days. You'll see something more on the academic side of things from me. Hopefully the time spent and copious coffee consumed was worthwhile in refining the piece into its final form.

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  1. Hey Mark, thanks for the link! By the way, folks, still no entries, so it's wide open.