Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The State I Am In

Sorry for no updates over the past week. Life's been busy, etc. Compared to other blogs, the lack of new content for eight days is either an eternity--ie., blogs that feature new posts on an hourly basis--or a blip--like those blogs that were started and likely abandoned.

I'm exercising diligence in repairing the formatting problem with many of my DVDMon reviews. It's a slow process, but I'm making progress. The most painful part may be rereading less-than-perfect pieces written years ago. For instance, I hope I've curbed the use of beginning statements of opinion with "I think", which I've noticed frequently used in many of my first online reviews.

I may start porting over these older reviews to this site to house everything under one roof, but if so, some nipping and tucking will take place. Anyway, more new stuff will be on the way soon.

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