Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo


Let the war against film critics begin, at least if DEUCE BIGALOW: EUROPEAN GIGOLO star Rob Schneider has his way. In February he blasted L.A. Times critic Patrick Goldstein in a full page Variety ad. Prior to the release of the DEUCE BIGALOW sequel, Schneider went on the offensive against Roger Ebert (see the third item here). He has his work cut out for him, though, if he’s planning on going after the people giving his films bad reviews. At the time of going to print, none of the films in which he plays the lead role comes anywhere close to a “fresh” percentage (60% or greater) on the Tomatometer:

THE ANIMAL (2001): 29%
THE HOT CHICK (2002): 22%

Maybe he can take solace that David Manning was in his corner.

Unfortunately critical revulsion and the statute of limitations did not expire after six years on a DEUCE BIGALOW sequel. How tragic. Thus we get DEUCE BIGALOW: EUROPEAN GIGOLO, although in fairness to the EU, Deuce never strays outside the den of imagined iniquity that is Amsterdam.

Male prostitutes are being murdered, so under the guidance of his pimp T.J. (Eddie Griffin) Deuce resumes his gigolo ways to search for the killer. As in the first film, Deuce encounters clients who could be out of a freak show. He also finds a new love interest in the obsessive-compulsive Eva (Hanna Verboom), who is just the person to brighten his mood after months spent mourning his shark-eaten wife.

If the endless repetition of “man-whore” and gender-reversed prostitution and sex lingo (“she-john”, “mangina”) sends you into fits of laughter, then DEUCE BIGALOW: EUROPEAN GIGOLO is the movie for you. For the rest of us, though, it’s anything but a laughing matter. EUROPEAN GIGOLO is essentially a repeat of its unfunny predecessor, with a new setting and stupid murder mystery added. Most of the punchlines are visible from a distance. It’s a lazy, uninspired comedy that wallows in mean-spirited humor toward women and homosexuals. Griffin’s shtick quickly wears thin while Schneider is a non-presence.

This summer has witnessed the reemergence of quality raunchy comedies. The R-rated WEDDING CRASHERS and THE 40 YEAR-OLD VIRGIN and the unrated THE ARISTOCRATS cleverly work blue. DEUCE BIGALOW: EUROPEAN GIGOLO recycles its lowest common denominator dirty joke even though it wasn’t very good the first time. It’s easily one of the year’s worst films.

Grade: F

(A shorter version of this review first aired on the August 16, 2005 NOW PLAYING)

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