Sunday, March 19, 2006

A Quick One While I'm Away

Amazingly I've been able to see twelve films at the Cleveland International Film Festival in the past two days and still get a decent night's sleep. I have five films on the schedule today--already watched the Australian drama THREE DOLLARS--to complete my first of two three-day sessions here. I had better luck Saturday with what I saw, and today's picks may improve on yesterday.

Sorry for keeping it brief, but my schedule is very tight. I've been taking notes after each film, so more in-depth reviews will be forthcoming upon my return home. For now it's going to have to be quick impressions and talking about keeping my energy up on smoothies and other food court offerings.

Still to come today are ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE (from the director of the original INSOMNIA), THE KING, the Oscar-nominated SOPHIE SCHOLL, and MEASURES TO BETTER THE WORLD.

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