Wednesday, May 30, 2007

On the Lot results

Why, America, why?

In retrospect, it shouldn't come as any surprise that the makers of the three worst shorts survived last night's ON THE LOT elimination. There's plenty of garbage that does well at the box office, so it follows that those tastes would translate to the offerings on a reality TV show. It may not be a coincidence that the filmmakers in question also received a substantial amount of air time in prior shows. Familiarity may have been enough to get them through, although if the message boards and voters putting it in the top three are any indication, people genuinely liked the loathsome GETTA RHOOM. Seriously, people, rent THE RINGER instead. It's a lot funnier and not offensive.

Taking several pages from the AMERICAN IDOL results show book, ON THE LOT drew out the proceedings to a painful length. Other than finding out who was getting the boot and showing a couple minutes of the contestants mingling after the show at their Hollywood bungalow, there was nothing new in the hour-long program. Even thirty minutes is more time than is needed for the results. This is what digital video recorders are made for. Why bother watching sixty minutes of filler when you can fast forward to the thirty seconds of essential material? Still, that might be more effort than necessary. A quick check on the web will yield the results.

While I'm bagging on the show, how about losing host Adrianna Costa? The animated Disney heroine come to life struggled mightily doing her duties on the results show, not to mention that there's something highly unappealing about her. She would make kindergarteners feel like they were being condescended to, let alone the adults watching the show. A quick check of her IMDB page provides the expected. Among several entertainment reporter/anchor jobs, she has worked for E! News and Access Hollywood. That's where she got the tacky, phony delivery.

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