Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Reeling in the Year

To clarify something I wrote yesterday, I was trying to make a point that it is often easier to dwell on what isn't going right than to see what is going your way. In other words, I was reminding myself to keep perspective and writing about it with dark humor that may not have translated well.

For example, the Hard Times headline blows the situation out of proportion. (I try to use the headlines for references that amuse me, in this case, a Dickens novel.) I thought it was funny that the last two films I watched were IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE and BETTER OFF DEAD, both of which feature characters working through their problems, yet here I am complaining about mine. It was all much funnier in my head than it was in print.

No posts on January 1--you know why--but I'm hoping to take some time to figure out what my Top Ten/Best of lists for 2003 will look like. That's on the horizon, plus comments on any DVD viewings or films I happen to revisit at the theater if I'm feeling cooped up at home.

And with that said, I bid you a happy new year.

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