Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Montreal vs. Toronto

Something for nothing in Montreal (August 24, 2004)

Something for nothing in Toronto (August 28, 2004)

I've been busy catching up on the Friday film openers that I missed while I was on vacation in Canada last week and writing for the August 31 NOW PLAYING taping. In the meantime, here are two photos I took. (Clicking on the photos will allow you to see bigger versions and read the signs.)

The first depicts the Hugger Busker doing, in his words, "socially interactive performance art" in Old Montreal. More specifically, his website indicates that this is at the "top of Place Jacques Cartier - across the street from the water fountain next to City Hall, between the Nelson Column and the flower kiosk".

The second photo was taken in downtown Toronto on Yonge Street near the intersection at Dundas. (He was right by the Spirit in the Square activities for the Olympics.) Unfortunately I didn't take a photo of the caped chess master wearing his big hat. It should be noted that on two different occasions I saw him appear to fall asleep briefly only to be jerked awake when his head drooped toward his chest. Maybe it's all part of his strategy.

So which city offers the best freebie?

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