Sunday, August 15, 2004

Reviews in five words or less

Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been busy reaching the 200 film mark (ALIEN VS. PREDATOR on Friday), watching the Olympics, and researching hotel prices for my upcoming vacation. The latter has been particularly time-consuming since I've been looking for cheap (or cheaper) places in downtown Montreal and Toronto. Mercifully, the hotel reservation searches should be complete. That sucked up a lot more time than I intended.

Since I've seen a lot of films that I don't have time to comment on extensively, I'll purge them from my system with reviews of five words or less:

ALIEN VS. PREDATOR: you get what you expect C-
DEAR FRANKIE: emotionally honest storytelling B
FATHER AND SON (OTETS I SYN): visually striking but narratively frustrating D+
GARDEN STATE: surprising, well-crafted generational touchstone A-
GREENDALE: admirable, rough-hewn polemic B-
THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT: The Who could rock B+
LITTLE BLACK BOOK: the year's worst film F
MOTHER AND SON (MAT I SYN): sometimes absorbing, sometimes too stark C
THE PRINCESS DIARIES 2: ROYAL ENGAGEMENT: more Garry Marshall schlock C-
YU-GI-OH!: THE MOVIE: a feature-length advertisement F

And some DVDs:

A CLOCKWORK ORANGE: still potent today B
FITZCARRALDO: unbelievable images from mad genius B+
ICHI THE KILLER (KOROSHIYA 1): little there but shock value C-

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