Friday, January 06, 2006

Early new year movie blues

Could the first movie weekend of the new year be any worse? I know, typically this is the time when crap streams into theaters from deep off of studio shelves, but today's three wide openers were not screened for most critics, which is rarely a sign that they're burrowing away a gem. I've seen GRANDMA'S BOY, a stoner/nerd comedy starring a guy who's been in a lot of Adam Sandler comedies. Although it's terrible, it's not as bad as I feared, which should reveal how low my expectations were. The most curious thing about it is the 2.35:1 aspect ratio, which you don't see very often for comedies, especially cheap ones like this.

Also debuting is HOSTEL from CABIN FEVER director Eli Roth. All indications are that it's more horror porn along the likes of WOLF CREEK. Great.

And then there's BLOODRAYNE. Sight unseen, I'd say this is a likely candidate for many worst of the year lists. I'm also really tempted to see it. Coming from director Uwe Boll, it's likely to be the most unintentionally hilarious movie to come along since ALONE IN THE DARK.

Today's releases aren't all hidden garbage. CASANOVA expands (and no, that's not an intended pun on the legendary lover's manhood). BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN is the much better Heath Ledger film in theaters, but this light comedy is okay, especially when compared to the competition. (If you're trying to parse those words, that's not a ringing endorsement.) Columbus readers will also get the opening of BREAKFAST ON PLUTO. Neil Jordan's latest wasn't screened for local critics, but with arthouse films, that's not as much of a garbage indicator as it is for big mainstream releases. The trailer's killer, for what it's worth.

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