Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Announcing new podcast Filmbound

Although our cable TV show NOW PLAYING has ended its run after 550 episodes, Paul Markoff and I are keeping the film conversations going with our new podcast FILMBOUND.  You can listen to and download episodes from the FILMBOUND site and also find them on iTunes and Google Play Music.  Subscribing gets new episodes to you as quickly as possible.  We've also submitted to be available on Spotify and the RadioPublic app, so if the show isn't at those locations when you read this, it should be there soon.

We have three episodes already available for you.  The first episode covers STAR WARS: EPISODE VIII - THE LAST JEDI, PADDINGTON 2, and a recommendations segment to touch on other films we've seen that are worth your attention.

Episode 2 features MOLLY'S GAME, PHANTOM THREAD, and a discussion about how to attract more ticket buyers to movie theaters when ticket sales are trending downward.

Our special edition episode 3 reveals our picks for the best films of 2017.

As this format is new to us, we're still figuring out how best to structure and release the episodes.  The initial idea was to record two episodes per month, with each episode covering two films.  To make episodes a little shorter and maintain a more regular and predictable release schedule, we may be switching to episodes that feature one film each and publishing weekly.  Stay tuned for updates, and enjoy the show.

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