Saturday, February 24, 2018

Filmbound - Episode 4: Fifty Shades Freed

After recording the first three episodes of FILMBOUND, the new podcast I'm doing with Paul Markoff, we decided to make a minor tweak with the format and release schedule.  The good news is that a new episode discussing one film will be released weekly on Wednesdays rather than covering two films per show and releasing twice a month.  The idea is to deliver shorter episodes more regularly than long episodes less frequently.  Episode 4, which is focused on FIFTY SHADES FREED and features Oscar-related recommendations, follows this revised plan. 

Upcoming episodes and release dates are:

-February 28: THE 15:17 TO PARIS and a discussion about spoilers
-March 7: BLACK PANTHER and our recommendations segment
-March 14: EARLY MAN and a discussion about the concept of cinematic guilty pleasures

As we're recording once a month, there will be some lag between opening weekends for the films and when our episodes are released.  Anymore it feels like a film is old news a week after it has opened, but our hope is that, by providing more space between the availability of what we're covering and the episode releases, listeners will have had time to check out those films.  Although we may need to adapt to keep from getting too far behind, that's the idea.

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