Saturday, February 14, 2004

Open Letter to the Highway Shooter

Hey bud, this is not cool. Not that what you've been doing has been cool, mind you, but this decision to move around could seriously start freaking out people. Previously you were confined to one area, which, I'll admit, isn't where I live or travel, so I didn't pause to think about it except for if you'd be caught by the time the Reds start the new season. Then I'd be passing through your neck of the woods. (Yes, this is pathetic, but it's the truth.) Now it looks like you've decided to mix things up and get more random as to where you try to pick off motorists. How about you just turn yourself in? I guarantee you'll get the attention you obviously crave even if it's the same day Ohio State lands some major football recruit. Deal? Great. You've got your marching orders.


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