Monday, February 02, 2004


Today's entry comes courtesy of some luck in not frying my computer by trying to install RAM backwards in the slot. Seriously, I thought I'd really cooked my goose when it wouldn't boot up. OK, onto the frivolous stuff...

I swear I'm not trying to be contrary when I say that last night's Super Bowl wasn't a great game. (It isn't the best Super Bowl ever, which I'm sure I heard or read somewhere today.) Did you watch the whole game? Except for the last few minutes of each half, it was a monumental snore. Sure, it had a fantastic finish, but the majority of the game was pretty boring.

The quarter worked very well in helping me fill out the Super Bowl party sheet, but I came up one point short from winning. The quarter just got a renewal for next year's picks.

I paid partial attention to the halftime show but missed the major news story that was Janet Jackson's exposed breast. To think that I wondered if Nelly singing "good gracious, ass bodacious" from his let's-get-naked hit "Hot in Herre" was pushing it for the mass audience the game attracts. Oblivious to the nation-shaking event, I still thought the halftime show was grossly misconceived. Janet Jackson performs a couple old songs--isn't she irrelevant anyway?--followed by P. Diddy, Nelly, and Kid Rock doing songs that are a year or two old. Whatever.

SURVIVOR lived up to my expectations. I felt previous winners would be competing on borrowed time, and sure enough, Australian outback winner Tina was bounced first. This season should be great. The cast has been well chosen, and it looks like Mark Burnett is going to shake things up to keep the players off balance.

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