Sunday, February 01, 2004

Super Bowl/Survivor Sunday

This weekend has brought two duds at the movies--CATCH THAT KID and YOU GOT SERVED--and a steady dose of work, either on the special editions of NOW PLAYING or the Central Ohio Film Critics Association 2003 awards. I'll keep it short, but I can't let the opportunity to make some predictions on the two big TV events of the day.

My friends Rob and Suzanne have hosted a Super Bowl party for as long as I can remember (or since 1998). One of the traditions is a contest in which you pick teams in various categories (coin toss winner, first to score, how first points are scored, etc.) in addition to choosing the winner and the final score. It's winner take all, although I've usually done so poorly that it wouldn't matter if the winnings were split among the top five. Rather than relying on my keen NFL knowledge, I have put my picks in the prognostication power of a 1996 quarter. Obviously the coin is no help in the numerical or MVP categories, so I'll still need to exercise some judgement beyond tossing a quarter in the air.

My instinct was to pick New England to win. The twenty-five cent piece agrees. So I'm going with New England 20 Carolina 17. Tom Brady is your MVP. Talk about the percentages playing out--the quarter split its decisions evenly between the two teams. Mathematics in action!

Of course, the real prediction of interest is who will win SURVIVOR: ALL-STARS. I understand that there are three tribes rather than two, but I don't know what other surprises may be in store for the players and viewers. Just on a lark, here are the contestants I'm picking to make it to the final four: Amber, Ethan, Kathy, and Rupert. Let's go with Ethan to win again. Getting voted off on the first's hard to imagine Richard getting very far, but maybe he has hatched another scheme to reinvent how Survivors play. An Axis of Evil with Richard, Shii Ann, and Kathy in their tribe? Yeah, I could see him doing something like that. OK, voted out tonight will be Jenna M. I don't think the make-up of her tribe benefits her, and I still don't know how she won the first time. Tom is my second choice to get booted tonight. I don't see him staying in this for long.

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