Friday, June 24, 2005

Elizabethtown trailer, take two

Following up on yesterday's entry, ELIZABETHTOWN'S theatrical trailer is now live on the web. Compare and contrast with the internet trailer. Which makes you want to see this movie?

Yeah, me too.


  1. Then again, let's compare and contrast:

    The theatrical trailer- created to be shown before a variety of movies, most of which will be forgettable at best. For example, this weekend it premiered on BEWITCHED.

    The online-only trailer- designed to be downloaded by people with fast connections and who are really looking forward to ELIZABETHTOWN, more on the strength of the Cameron Crowe name than anyone in the cast.

    So of course the online-only trailer is going to have more character. When you're preaching to the converted, you can go quirkier.

  2. Fair enough, although my (unstated) point was that they put this through the Bland-o-Matic and delivered an uninteresting boilerplate trailer. Even if the internet teaser didn't exist, the theatrical trailer wouldn't strike me as an enticing way to sell the film. There's nothing distinctive about it.

    I do think it's fascinating to compare how the changes in cutting and music make a world of difference in how we experience identical images.

    I also think the Elton John song helps a lot, especially versus the overused Tom Petty song.