Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Fast Film

Recently I reviewed THE ANIMATION SHOW. Tonight I saw something that easily tops anything in that compilation film. Via Movie City Indie I followed a link to UK Channel 4's site to see Virgil Widrich's FAST FILM.

Widrich's experimental short takes photocopied stills from three hundred different films and animates them to make something altogether new. This is pretty amazing stuff. If you have a high-speed connection--you're going to need it--make a point to check it out. His Oscar-nominated COPYSHOP is also worth a look.

Widrich has his own website, which I'm going to explore at a later time. FAST FILM and COPYSHOP are available on a region-free DVD that also contains a Widrich feature film and one more short. The DVD is PAL format, so you'll need a region-free player, like one of those cheap, wonderful CyberHome machines, or a computer that does PAL-to-NTSC conversion, a trick I was surprised to find that mine does. Using the handy, dandy Universal Currency Converter, it looks like the DVD costs around $24US plus international shipping.

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