Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th of July

Another Independence Day means it's time for me to drag myself to the Westerville Rotary's 5K Road Race. This year I've actually been training, not for the race in particular but with it in mind. I've been walking more than running--it's easier on the knees--but on Sunday I ran approximately six-tenths of a mile before stopping. That should be adequate for doing 5K, right?

Actually, it was. For me the weather was ideal, especially for early July. It was on the cool side with light rain coming down. For fear of getting my iPod wet and frying it, I had to scratch the plan to tote it along, but maybe it was for the best. I could pay attention to my steps and breathing. I finished in 39:10, which kept me at my usual place toward the bottom of the results (#255), but considering that it was easily the longest continuous run I've ripped off in a long time, I was very pleased with the result.

(Photo courtesy Columbus Running)

And yes, above you will find actual visual evidence of yours truly in the race. I'm in the red shorts, white shirt, and green HARDBALL hat. No, I wasn't trying to wear the colors of the Italian flag in support of them in the World Cup. (I wanted Germany to win.) And yes, this photo was taken near the start because I pretty much had the road to myself for most of the race.

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