Friday, July 14, 2006

This and That

Just thought I'd make mention that I'm finally getting around to catching up on some posting that should have been done over the last month or so. Reviews of THE BREAK-UP and THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS: TOKYO DRIFT have finally made their way online, and there are more to come over the weekend. (Also, check out yesterday's post about M. Night Shyamalan if you haven't already.)

I think I probably just needed to take a break after the whirwind of spring film festivals. Either that or my effort to get back in shape has been taking too much of my energy. (Running was a killer in today's heat.)

Those of you who watch NOW PLAYING, my TV show with Paul Markoff, may be wondering why our most recent show has been on for twice the time as usual. Some major equipment issues forced us to scrap our last scheduled taping, but we'll have a new show next week. Considering we've taped a show every two weeks since March 1997, I suppose we were due for a production hiccup like that.

It's not been a particularly good week movie-wise, so for the sake of something different, last night I went to the Wexner Center's B-Movie Hootenanny, a summer series whose title explains itself. It might be because I see enough bad new films that the allure of watching bad old films has diminished significantly for me. Let's just say the audiences at HOOTENANNY HOOT and outdoor screening of MONSTER ON THE CAMPUS got a bigger kick out of them than I did. Or maybe these were just the wrong films at the wrong time.

Around this time next week you should be able to listen online to my reviews on 96.3 WROV out of Roanoke, VA. The station plans to offer live streaming audio beginning Monday. I'll post full details of when I'll be on when I know more.

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