Sunday, July 09, 2006

A New Look

It's been not quite two years since I last gave the ol' site a facelift. This is the third look for it, and it is easily the sleekest of the bunch. Other than some minor changes, expect this one to stick for awhile, if only because trying to understand CSS and HTML and how they've been used in the prebuilt Blogger templates required hours of trial and error. Elizabeth Castro's PUBLISHING A BLOG WITH BLOGGER: VISUAL QUICKPROJECT GUIDE was mostly helpful, but there's a drop-off point where you just have to dig through the code and figure it out.

In addition to the cosmetic change, I've added links to other sites. If I've overlooked you, chances are I forgot. The brilliantly named "Reviews" sidebar contains links to all of my reviews on this site. Previously I made a distinction between full reviews and capsule reviews. Since I had no idea if visitors scrolled all the way down, I decided that it was more user-friendly to combine the listings.

If you notice any problems or mistakes, please let me know. (Actually, I just found one. Ugh.) I'll also accept your unconditional praise too.

And for those of you who watched the World Cup, zut alors, what was Zidane thinking when he headbutted Marco Materazzi? Materazzi must have dropped an amazing insult to provoke that reaction. It was a great game, and although I was pulling for France, the Italian team is a worthy champion.

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