Monday, May 16, 2005

Auteur News

The first MANDERLAY review from Cannes I've come across heightens my anticipation for the second film in Lars von Trier's USA trilogy. Although MANDERLAY is described as "more tightly scripted and less gruelling than DOGVILLE", it sounds like it is just as provocative, if not more, than his previous masterpiece. The MANDERLAY trailer signals that the criticisms surrounding DOGVILLE haven't changed his ways. Those sensitive to racial slurs may want to think twice about viewing the trailer as it's likely to offend some. There's no way it would ever run in a commercial theater in this country. MANDERLAY probably won't hit the States until 2006. The trilogy's third film will not be von Trier's next.

Also at Cannes, Woody Allen's MATCH POINT has been getting some of the best reviews he's had in at least ten years, if not more. Gus Van Sant's LAST DAYS, which continues the stylistic devices of GERRY and ELEPHANT, has received better notices than Atom Egoyan's WHERE THE TRUTH LIES, although there seems to be a fair amount of ambivalence surrounding both.

Roger Ebert's Movie Answer Man column checks into the status of David Gordon Green's film of John Kennedy Toole's A CONFEDERACY OF DUNCES. The project isn't dead, but it isn't in production either.


  1. Anonymous5:17 PM

    I heard DDG was also filming the adaptation of Lord Vishnu's Love Handles.

    There's a website called but that's all I can find.

    heard anything?

  2. According to David Gordon Green's Internet Movie Database page, the next film he is directing is The Secret Life of Bees. (He's also apparently written screenplays for two films that others will be directing.) There's nothing listed for Lord Vishnu's Love Handles or A Confederacy of Dunces. Apparently there's also some buzz about him making a film based on Brad Land's memoir Goat.

    In my brief DGG web search, this site looks like it may be the best place I found for info on the director.