Thursday, May 05, 2005


I know, I know, it's been slow going around here the past week. I've been seeing films out the proverbial wazoo and working on some other stuff that will eventually make its way to this humble blog.

The Deep Focus Film Fest starts tonight, so that'll eat up most of the weekend. Still, I'll try to make updates if time permits. If you're in town and not going to the festival--and why not?--then head over to the Wexner Center and see IN THE REALMS OF THE UNREAL and Wong Kar-wai's DAYS OF BEING WILD. I'd like to see both. It pains me to miss the latter, although the availability of a new DVD takes out some of the sting.

When I get back from tonight's gala premiere, OFF THE MAP, I'll post my review of KINGDOM OF HEAVEN. Now that I'm linked on Rotten Tomatoes, I figure I should be on my best behavior to keep the Review Embargo Enforcers appeased lest they extract my fingernails with pliers for letting an analytical word escape prior to opening day.

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