Friday, May 27, 2005

Link explosion!

A bunch of stuff compressed into one entry:

-The day has come when I have finally put my photo in the sidebar with my bio info. I'm not sure that I'm entirely pleased with it--I may have overdone it with the adjustments to the color temperature and shadowing--but for now it's a keeper.

-I've enabled the ability to e-mail my blog entries. You know you want to do it.

-Looking at this site's traffic monitoring reports is a source of almost endless entertainment for me. I haven't kept a running tally, but I'd almost bet that aside from the main page, the most accessed link is my HELL'S ANGELS review. Part of the reason has to do with being one of just six reviews linked on Rotten Tomatoes, but I've seen regular hits for it coming from search engines. With this week's release of THE AVIATOR on DVD, hits have picked up significantly. Still, my HELL'S ANGELS review has been an unusually steady performer.

-I've noticed much more traffic for my HOUSE OF WAX review than for CRASH. I'm thrilled to get all of the visitors that come here, but I wish more were interested in Paul Haggis' excellent film than the horror remake featuring Paris Hilton. Rather than chalking it up to greater interest in HOUSE OF WAX, I tell myself that it's my contrarian stance on it that may be luring more people here. The film has a rotten 22% on the Tomatometer, although I stand by my positive review. On a site like Rotten Tomatoes, going against the consensus makes you stand out. I imagine that's also why my reviews of GUNNER PALACE, MAD HOT BALLROOM, and PAPER CLIPS have been among my most viewed.

-My NOW PLAYING co-host Paul Markoff is dipping a toe into the blogging world. His new venture is Flicks, Sticks, and Politics. Can't say that I vouch for his political opinions most of the time, but then again I regularly disagree with him on films and on sports moves, like the Reds' dumping of Danny Graves (good riddance). Still, give his blog a look.

-The Film Journal's Rick Curnutte and Peter Tonguette are fellow central Ohio critics also a-bloggin' at Rick's The Film Journal Blog and Peter's Film-Centric Blog.

-One of my brothers has been asking me to give him some pub and provide a link to his website. I hope he's happy now. Philip's site, Found in the Couch, is in the wild, wild web tradition of destinations like Save Karyn, where a woman asked for donations to help pay off her debt, and The Amazing "Send Me a Dollar" Website, which I think is self-explanatory. My brother explains:
My goal is to create a small fortune out of the spare change of thousands of people. This is a social experiment to see how much money that is lying around and otherwise not being used can be sent to one location. Look in your couch, pockets, car, countertop, or anywhere you might have spare change.
He also accepts photos of other items of interest found in your couch. Check it out.

-I'd be remiss if I didn't point out my DVDMon webmaster Levi Wallach's gadget and tech blog Twelve Black Code Monkeys. I don't always know what he's talking about, but he does a good job of writing about new technology.

-For those of you patiently awaiting my update on day 4 of the Deep Focus Film Fest, thank you. The wait's going to be longer. Hopefully I can wrap it up by mid-June. The same goes for my report from this year's Roger Ebert's Overlooked Film Festival, which I need to bang out in time for the next issue of The Film Journal.

-The critics at Time have published their list of the All-Time 100 Movies. There's a future blog post waiting to be written about this, but for now I'll merely say that it's an interesting tweak of the canon.

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  1. Your brothers website has been under construction for year