Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Status report

As you can see by the reviews posted below, I've been writing for today's taping of NOW PLAYING, which means I won't be getting to the Deep Focus Film Fest's day 4 report until Wednesday.

Ordinarily I don't bother posting regular updates about when pieces will be published on this blog. I've been pleasantly surprised to see the number of new visitors directed here from the festival site, so I wanted to be upfront with those who may be here for the first or second time and wondering why the day 4 report is still nowhere to be seen. Yes, I can be lazy, but for once that's not the excuse.

When posted, the report will replace what is currently here.

Also, in an effort to make the festival reviews easier to find, I'll be reprinting them as separate blog entries.

Thanks for checking in.

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