Monday, January 12, 2004

My Own Private Computer

The end of my home computer fast may be in sight. My brother Philip has been working on getting one together, and if all things work as planned, I should be back up and running on January 20. It sure will make keeping up with this easier.

For about a year I've known that director Gus Van Sant was coming to Otterbein for a presentation of some kind. I've also known that I might be involved with it in some way. Today I learned that I will introduce him at a presentation/Q&A with students and at An Evening with Director Gus Van Sant. During An Evening with... I'll also be on stage with Van Sant and another person to keep the discussion moving. Should be fun. I suspect that his visit should prompt the Drexel to open ELEPHANT soon, or at least I hope it does.

In other non-movie news, I found my driver's license after failing to locate it for a little more than a month. I had cashed a check to replenish the station's petty cash and never taken my ID out of the bank envelope. Too bad I found it after I got a replacement, which ran me about twenty bucks.

After an excellent new episode of ALIAS I finally watched FAST, CHEAP & OUT OF CONTROL. When the time neared to make my Best of 1997, I had this on my list of unseen films worth consideration. It never did make it to Columbus. If it had, it might have made my honorable mentions. Errol Morris is a great documentary filmmaker. FAST, CHEAP & OUT OF CONTROL, like his other films, features fascinating subjects. In this case, he interviews a topiary gardener, a naked mole-rat specialist, a wild animal trainer, and a robot scientist. Yet the film isn't really about them and their quirks. Rather, it tells about what man strives to do in an effort to control life in the face of nature and time. It's a thought provoking film, but I'll have to save more comments for another time.

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