Wednesday, January 21, 2004

A Sort of Homecoming

The excuses are gone. With a computer at home again, I should be able to attend to this blog in a more immediate manner. No more having to wait until the library or Otterbein computer lab opens. (By the way, huzzah to the Westerville Public Library. Their computer stations seem to be full at all times, but aside from a user time limit if people are waiting, they don't restrict what you can do. The Bexley Library, which I visit occasionally if I have some time to kill between films at the Drexel, blocks signing in to personal Yahoo! services--fantasy football, discussion groups, e-mail--and frowns on e-mail use. Boo!)

If I am so moved, I can write in the wee hours of the morning. I fear that my sleeping patterns are going to be thrown off. I'm not off to a good start if you notice what time I'm writing this entry.

Ended up seeing WIN A DATE WITH TAD HAMILTON! again. Definitely a superior romantic comedy when compared to the likes of ALONG CAME POLLY, which, I reiterate, is funny enough despite being undistinguished. THE GOSPEL OF JOHN is a well-intended attempt to bring the Bible to life, but did Christopher Plummer have to read the whole book? I felt like I was watching the film with the descriptive audio service, which probably isn't that far from the truth. What he says, we see. More on these at another time...

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