Sunday, July 03, 2005

Radio review

Whether listening live or via the online archive, I hope everyone was able to listen to my appearance on NPR 820 WOSU-AM's Open Line on June 30. The broadcast is still available in the archive, although it looks like you'll need to listen or save it to your computer within a week or two.

I really enjoyed the experience and hope to be invited back. Melissa, Kaizaad, and I had enough differences of opinion to keep things interesting, which always helps. I don't think I got into a groove into after discussing BATMAN BEGINS, the second topic of conversation, but generally I was pleased with how I represented myself. When my parents get around to listening to it, their main observation will probably be that my last name was pronounced incorrectly, something which I meant to point out during the news break but forgot because the first half hour flew by. There was no mention of this blog--I was identified as being with WOCC TV3 and The Film Journal, for which I've written the least--so for the time being there shouldn't be an influx of public radio listeners hogging bandwidth.

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