Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Last minute housekeeping

I'm working on a couple things, but tying up some loose ends at work and in other areas before departing for Ebertfest is swallowing my time. If time permits, I'll post some commentary on the picks that made my Film Journal top 25 directors ballot.

I had hoped to write about KINGS AND QUEEN, but I'm fooling myself if I think it's going to happen in the next day. For the time being, why don't you check out what Paul Clark at Film Dribble had to say about it. Seems that he too was knocked out and knocked sideways by it, so there must have been something in the air at the Wexner Center Saturday night. I don't think it was mass delusion. That's more of a festival phenomenon. (Two of us don't exactly equal the masses either.)


  1. No, I don't think it was mass delusion in the Columbus air on Saturday night. Then again, maybe the Wexner Center is just an ideal place to watch a movie. Take the extreme example of SEXUAL DEPENDENCY. It appears that film has been largely dismissed, and I've only found three people who liked it- you, me, and Stults. Kinda eerie.

  2. I was being facetious in my mass delusion comment, although there are cases when that seems to occur, say in the rarefied air of film festivals. KINGS AND QUEEN is a stunning piece of work. Desplechin's direction and Emmanuelle Devos' performance are tops. I'm not sure that I understood it all, but I haven't been that engrossed in a film for some time.

    The Wexner Center might be an ideal place to watch a film after they replace those perfectly uncomfortable seats. Glad to see that's going to happen this summer.

    I don't recall much about SEXUAL DEPENDENCY, but I did like that (spoiler) it turns out to be a safe sex college theater piece (more or less) because that's what it felt like toward the latter portions.