Wednesday, April 20, 2005


I am mere hours from alighting in Champaign-Urbana and experiencing the beginning of this year's Ebertfest. I write to you from the exotic land known as Indiana with key information. I do not own a laptop computer, so it is highly unlikely that I will post updates from the festival unless I land a patron or benefactor. (Ebert's Overlooked Film Festival is more for the hoi polloi than, say, Sundance, so I'm not holding my breath.) Short of that happening, you can get your fill of fest news and gossip from the News-Gazette, the Official Ebertfest blog, and David Poland's The Hot Button.

Granted, these sources probably will not be able to tell you how little sleep I get each night (answer: little) and what I eat (answer: most likely something from Steak 'n Shake), but that's just the kind of precious information that brings you back here each day.

The festival kicks off in glorious fashion tonight with a 70mm presentation of Jacques Tati's PLAYTIME. Even though I caught one of the select 70mm screenings of it last summer, I may be most excited to see this film more than any of the others.

And with that, I sign off until the next time...

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